I am a Graduate student in Mathematics at University of Oregon. After moving to Oregon, I discovered a love for exploring historical databases and learning about the history of the towns that are all so foreign to me. Since I was spending so much of my free time researching, I decided to put it all together in some format. And while I would love to talk about all architectural styles, Art Deco is specific enough to keep this project from getting out of hand. That and I find myself constantly enamored with the designs that point towards progress and prosperity.¬†While Oregon may not be the epitome of the Art Deco period, it was just becoming a modern industrial state at the time of Art Deco’s inception. You see hallmarks of it in small towns across the state. Since there seems to be no other website out there that focuses on this them, I felt this might be worthwhile. I hope you enjoy.

Unless otherwise indicated the images I post are not mine. Many are pulled from historical databases and are assumed to be in public domain. If you are the copyright holder of any image I use please contact me.